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Timber Treatment in Barnsley, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Leeds, Sheffield, Doncaster

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Professional Timber Treatment South and West Yorkshire 

Wet Rots and Dry Rot can be easily misidentified by someone with out an expert eye. However it is always sensible to get any fungal growth checked by a professional. People assume that Wet Rot affects wet timber and Dry Rot affects dry timber but, in fact Dry Rot requires a high moisture content within the timber. It often affects timbers located next to damp walls and likes humid, non ventilated spaces in buildings. Once established it is very persistent and, will travel long distances, often behind walls and plaster to find further damp wood to devour. FORSTERS PLASTERING are qualified professionals we assess the area thoroughly and provide a fully costed action plan to eradicate the under laying issue, treat the issues as required and replace the timbers and treat the walls of the property as required. Then provide a 30 Year BioKil Crown Guarantee.

Woodworm Treatments can vary depending on the type of beetle, severity of the infestation, type of timber and usage of the property. 

There are a number of insects, mainly beetles, which are able to use wood as a food source and some of them can cause serious damage to timber within buildings. Wood boring insects all have fairly similar life cycles, although there are variations in the length of each stage in the life cycle, the type of wood attacked and the extent of damage caused.

The presence of damage caused by wood boring insects does not always indicate the correct remedial treatment at FORSTERS PLASTERING

We are trained, experienced and qualified by BioKil Crown to provide correct identification and provide the correct treatment to eliminate the infestation and provide a 30 BioKil Crown Guarantee

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